Oral Sessions(OS)

Oral talk is given 15 minutes(Presentation is 12 minuites, and Questions and Answers is 3 minuites(including switching between speakers and introducing the next speaker)). Additonal 5 minutes are allocated for questions by the session chairs, switching between speakers and introducing the next speaker.
Oral speakers should test their own laptops with the projector before the session, to avoid any technical difficulties.
Please note that it may make the camera shooting for the record(Work transfer documents).

(Additional notes) The connection between the computer and the projector is the RGB terminal(D-Sub). Also, the HDMI conversion Adapter is prepared. But conversion adapater for Mac can not be prepared. Please prepare by yourself.

Interactive Sessions(IS)

Presenter can appeal the research interactively with participants and one-to-one. Details are as follows.

[Panel Size]

  • Width(W): 1200mm
  • Height(H): 2100mm


  • Width(W): 900mm
  • Height(H): 700mm
  • Depth(D): 450mm

If you have any requests, please contact us in advance.
Since the power supply also will prepare as much as possible . On the day , please tell us in the clerk of the venue at the time of preparation.

Only the first day, during the banquet, it made it possible to get your posters. Please further deepen the discussion while ba chatting!

The second day can be posted from the morning.You can appeal to the research results to other than during the interactive session(Discussion will be the time zone of the interactive session).

Interactive Lectures can post to interactive space(small hall) both days. After acceptance, you can post the posters as soon as possible.

[Notification] Although we were able to post a poster over the two days last year, this year, on the relationship of space, will be the replacement system the first day and the second day.



It will guide you in a separate page.