Demonstration session (DS) Entry

We are planing to "Demonstration" session and general session (IS, OS). This session will be displayed the product or the prototype as a development research in the enterprise, the results of the industry-university collaborative research and so on. Also, we will get even "Short oral presentation" not only you to the demonstration. Then, we will put the appeal of the your product and technique in the proceedings.

We ask for submissions for companys and organizations.It is a great opportunity to exchange information among highly consentrated discussion about image-based technology. By all means, please consider the entry.

CFP: Call for Demonstrations (17 November 2017)

  • Exhibition period:8 (Tues) - 9 (Fri), March, 2018
  • Provided equipment:One long conference table、Two chairs、Presentation panels(W90cm x H210cm)、Power requirements: AC100 Volts
  • Exhibition costs::30,000 JPY(including tax, one procedings, the workshop ragistration fee and the banquet fee of the two staffs).

Please submit at the following procedure.
Submission deadline is Friday, January 19, 2017.

  1. Create a new user ID and password
  2. Fill in the required information, please create a user ID and password. User ID and password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  3. Download a paper format
  4. Please download a paper format. There are two types for the interactive/oral session and demonstration.

  5. Preparation of a manuscript
  6. Please create a paper for camera-ready (A4 paper 1 page).

  7. Submit a paper for camera-ready
  8. Using the created user ID and password, please submit two papers ("Digest paper" and "Full-length paper"). These file types are PDF format and these sizes are up to 5MB. Also, these papers are all printed in black and white.