12th France - Japan Congress,  10th Europe - Asia Congress on


Cultural Tours for Attendees of the Congress

Two cultural tours to the following places will be held in the afternoon of September 11th. Attendees of the congress can join one of the cultural tours. During the cultural tours, sessions are not held in Mie University.

1. Shinto shrine "Ise Jingu" and Japanese traditional style town "Okage Yokocho"
2. Iga Ueno Castle and Ninja Museum of Igaryu

The schedules are subject to change without notice.

Travel in Mie Prefecture

Tsu is the capital city of Mie Prefecture. You can visit the following places in Mie Prefecture from 1 to 1.5 hours from Tsu station by trains.



Iga is very famous for Ninja in Japan. There is the Ninja Museum of Igaryu. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Iga Ueno Castle and so on.


Ise-Shima Area

If you are interested in beautiful scenery and pearls, Ise-Shima Area is the best place. G7 Summit in 2016 was held in Ise-Shima area in Mie Prefecture.



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