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Access to Congress Venue

Access Overview to Congress Venue

Access Map to Congress Venue

  • Kintetsu Railway stops at Tsu station and Edobashi station.
  • Japan Railway stops at Tsu Station only.
  • Closest bus stop to the congress venue is "Daigaku-byoin-mae".
  • Please show the document to a taxi driver when you go to the congress venue. Message to taxi drivers

  • Time table of buses to Daigaku-byoin-mae(in Japanese)
  • Mie Kaikan Mae (nearby Tsu Miyako Hotel)
  • No. 4 bus stop of east side exit of Tsu Station
  •    Map of bus stops at Tsu Station

    Guide Service to Congress Venue

    Our staffs will guide you to the congress venue on September 10th and 11th in the morning. You can utilize the service if you have difficulty to take buses. Furthermore, you have to pay 220 yen when you take a bus.

  • The person who stays in Tsu Miyako Hotel
     Appointed place and time:
      Lobby of Tsu Miyako Hotel at 8:35.
      You will take a bus at 8:44.

  • The person who stays around Tsu Station
     Appointed place and time:
      No. 4 bus stop of east side exit of Tsu Station at 8:35, 8:55, and 9:15.
      You will take a bus at 8:38, 8:58, and 9:19, respectively.
       Map of bus stops at Tsu Station
  • Venue

    The Congress will be held at the Auditorium (Sansui Hall) in Mie University: 1577 Kurimamachiya-cho, Tsu city, Mie, JAPAN. mie_university

    The Auditorium (Sansui Hall) is N in the campus map.

    Access to Mie University


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